Monday 30 June a mixed Monday

Up and early breakfasts again which was handy as I had a busy morning ahead. One B&B out but none back in. As soon as guests had gone started to prepare the salad for the WI lunch that our WI as hosting. Down at the village hall by 11am and helped finish setup and laying the tables. Coach arrived at 12.30 and in all honesty we could have done with an extra pair of hands! One lady was sick but overall everything was OK. Back home by 2.45 and had a late lunch before doing some more accounts after planting out a few more geraniums. Nearly there! Chris went down with Smudge to help gather in the cows for milking as Andrew and Joanna are away for a few days. Ian and Fay came up for dinner and when they left there were two cows in the car park eating my new plants! Shooed them out and found a gap in the wall where they had come though. So two cows have been issued with ASBO’s! Sat down about 9.30 to watch Dr Who from Saturday – only to discover the final episode is this Saturday and I wont be here!