Monday 3 September

Had planned to catch up on general tasks but with the cleaner not well I had to turn around the B&B rooms after the guests left as well as the usual daily and Monday tasks (bins, laundry). It was 2pm before I finished with a little help from Chris. We knew it was busy in town (Chris went down to the doctors this morning for his blood test and had tried to park in town but found the car parks too busy) but as needed some provisions for breakfast tomorrow Chris dropped me in Bakewell so I could pop into the butchers while he went up to the Plumb Center. A combination of factors, Market day, last day before schools go back, made it busy in town. I had to ‘fight’ my way back to through two coach loads of people to the spot where Chris picked me up.

When we got back our first B&B guests had arrived early but as it had turned into a nice afternoon they were happy to wait on the patio with a cup of tea for their friends. Their friends turned up about an hour later and I made them a cup of tea too. The guests who arrived yesterday bought me some flowers and we had a chat about their house move. We had another chat later as they used our phone to sort out their new phone. Still 9pm before I sat down after answering emails etc.