Monday 27 October a more stressful day

A busier day with a lot happening. B&B out with none back in for tonight and three cottages out with three back in. Two cleaners due up but one had a sick child. Luckily at short notice another one was able to come up but wouldn’t be able to get here until midday. With the other cleaner also not able to come up until early afternoon it meant that the turn around would be tight. So after all the usual bits started to do my bit to help by stripping beds. Had some ironing to do for today so by the time the first cleaner arrived was able to start making up beds and dusting. Chris helped too! Grabbed a quick bite in between beds and bathrooms and luckily all the work was done by 2.45. First guests arrived early at 2.15 for the one cottage that of course was still being cleaned. They waited on site using the leisure facilities and I let them in as as soon as I could. Second cottage arrived about 4pm and final one about an hour later. Got log burning stove going and after phoning a friend had dinner and sat down in time to watch the new series of Spooks.