Monday 27 August An ordinary working Monday

What a mixed day. For most it was an extra day off but for me it was like any other Monday. There were some added complications. Chris could not get out of bed due to pain in his lower back. I managed to do breakfast on my own and I also said goodbye to two cottages before taking the dogs out for a walk. Chris stayed in bed and continued to be in pain on and off for the rest of the day. I did consider taking him to hospital but we decided to wait and see. A cleaner came and did the two cottages and as they were left in a good condition they did not take long. I got o with the ususal jobs but also had Chris’s tasks to do as well.

We also had two trees removed today. They spent all morning and worked into the early afternoon to take down the trees. One was already long dead but in an awkward spot. The other looked alive but was going rotten at the bottom so we removed it for safety. Left to season for a year or so we should have some decent firewood. My dirty laundry was collected but the clean laundry was still not ready. Luckily I have enough or the next few days. In the afternoon two cottages arrived to stay until Saturday.

We had tickets for a show at Buxton but I went with Joanna. It was ‘Call Up The Groups’ and featured the Barron Knights, Marmalade, the Fortunes and the Tremeloes. It lasted until nearly 11am and was really good and I had a good singalong to some of the songs! I had already laid the table but still had the washing to put on, the chickens to put away so it was gone midnight before I got to bed having left some jobs for first thing in the morning.