Monday 26 January

A busy day. Walked the dogs then Chris went off to Sheffield to get a trophy for the Bakewell Photographic Society. One cottage out and one back in with one cleaner up to clean that one and one vacated yesterday. Two other cleaners came up to start a ‘deep clean’ on one of the other cottages. Chris back by lunchtime and Geoff called around too. Afternoon went in keeping accounts up to date and dealing with bookings and brochure requests. Also planned some jobs I want to get done in the cottages over the next few days. Cottage arrived about 3.30 and sat down for the final episode of Unforgiven. Chris has been reviewing our web site and one thing we have added recently is a link to Bolehill Tripadvisor (or go to our website and follow the link) so we are hoping some of our guests will add comments to it.