Monday 25 June wet monday

I took the dogs for their usual walk but it is quite worrying at how soggy the ground. No cottage guests arriving or leaving but our B&B guests left. We had two business men arriving today for a big quarry exhibition nearby. This exhibition happens every two years and all the latest quarrying equipment is on show. It is usually very well attended.

By lunchtime the rain had been falling steadily with no sign of letting up. As the wind picked up Ian (farmers son) opened the gate into the back field so the cows could find better shelter away from the wind. We suddenly had an hour or so of activity. I checked on an older couple to make sure they were warm enough. Then a guest came to tell us about a few fallen branches and we went to investigate. There were a couple of larger branches down behind one of the cottages and although it had clipped the roof no tiles were damaged but it had pulled the gutter away slightly. Another guest came to mention some water was dripping in and Chris found a gap between the roof and chimney where the wind was driving in the rain. A bucket sorted this out in the short term but a few more jobs were added to the ‘to do’ list.

Our Handyman popped in to pick up something and he told us that Meadowhall at Sheffield was flooded. This I did not believe. He was not aware of any flooding in Bakewell but there was some flooding at Rowsley. This sometimes happens after a spell of rain as the rivers Wye and Derwent meet there and so is the flood plain.

Our guests arrived and went out for a meal at the Bulls Head in Monyash. We send a lot of our guests here and in one weekend I reckoned they served over 40 meals to our guests (cottage & B&B) so I think they owe us a meal!

We watched the news in the evening and it was quite sobering to hear and see all the problems of the flooding in Sheffield and Hull.

We had 1.81 inches of rain overall today with half an inch falling within 30 minutes at lunchtime. This is about half of what Sheffield had.