Monday 25 Feb another busy Monday

A bright start to a busy day. Four remaining cottages from weekend to go with five back in, including three businessmen – one new one today. Two cleaners up and one was able to make an early start but the other had to wait as three of the cottages had not left by 10 am. One had lost the kitchen bin lid in the rubbish and although we looked through the wheelie bin (and don’t forget we are talking about a big wheelie bin here) it was not to be found. This is not the first time a bin lid has been thrown out with the rubbish by accident but it does mean we have to buy a new bin. The cleaning was completed on time but during the course of the day I had phone calls from two of the businessmen to advise me they would not be here until tomorrow. First guests arrived before 4pm with one of the businessmen next. The third cottage arrived before six. The cottage was booked for them by friends as a way of cheering them up as they have had a rough time recently. A very nice gesture. Unfortunately since booking one had an accident on his motorbike and he is hobbling around. They had hoped to do some walking but he still has to rest for a few more days. A few phone calls in the evening with the last one just before 10pm but at least it was a booking!