Monday 24 September

Woken at 6pm by the strangest of sounds. At first it sounded like the wind just getting up then I got very loud and then it stopped. Thought it might have been a mini tornado but on the news they were talking about line squalls so I wonder if one passed in front of the house. I did find one of the wooden benches was not in its usual place when I took the dogs for a walk.

A busier Monday today. One cottage and one B&B out and two cottages in. Cleaning was done in a couple of hours which left me time to get on with things, but that soon disappeared. Somehow the day disappeared in emails and phone calls. At least Chris got the web site sorted but we will have to move away from BT. One set of cottage guests arrived early but I allowed them in, the others arrived nearer 3pm.

Phoned some friends (well must have some me time!) and tidied up the office. This weekend we had three mobile chargers, some clothes and a driving licence left behind. I have returned the driving licence but since the introduction of the new postal charging for size and weight, chargers are expensive to return because of the size. I will return them if guests are hppy to pay postage but otherwise we are developing a collection of phone chargers.