Monday 24 November

A bright but cold day but a few sleet showers later in the day. Two cottages out with three due in later. One cleaner up today with no problems. Usual Monday chores with time for some extras. With only a few weeks to Xmas have to plan time for some extra pre Xmas checks and cleaning. Also in the next few weeks will need to put up Xmas trees in the cottages, Chris will have to sort out the external Xmas lights and we have to do the 2009 brochure run. Sometime in the next couple of weeks I will need to go to Herts again and also do our Xmas cards and put up our tree. Our friends who have stayed with us for the last few Xmas’s will be coming down for the New Year instead. All guests in between 3-4pm. After that sorted out some paper work for dad and phoned a friend. After dinner caught up with some personal bits before sitting down for Spooks.