Monday 23 June

A mixed day. An early breakfast with one B&B out. Morning went by in usual jobs, laundry, rubbish, servicing rooms etc. The electricity board came to replace a meter so we had no power for about an hour. The breezy weather had brought a lot of leaves down as well as blown over a few pots. After lunch went down town to get a few bits from Bakewell and a quick look around the market. Chris came with the two dogs and they were rewarded with a trip to the card shop where they got a couple of biscuits. Stopped for a cup of tea at the Tiroler Stuberl, my little bit of Austria in Bakewell. Stopped at the jewellers as I have been having trouble with my wedding ring as it has been getting very tight. Bad news was the only way to take it off was to cut it off, not uncommon apparently but strange all the same. The worst case scenario would be that I could have lost my finger to gangrene if the blood flow had continued to be restricted! Now I have to wait for a few weeks for my finger to return to its normal shape. When I get back from holiday he will enlarge both my wedding and engagement rings. As soon as I got home I put a ring on, albeit on the other hand! As it was well dressing week in Over Haddon we drove down to the village and had a wander and admired the dressings. Stopped for a drink at the Lathkill Hotel as it was a pleasant evening. Came back to find a cow in the car park munching on the leaves of a bush! Shooed it out and Blue stayed on guard for a while. He paced up and down the garden until he was worn out. The trouble with collies is they dont know when to stop! After a bite to eat sorted out emails and sat down about 9.30.