Monday 22 September

After the nice weather at the weekend today was a bit disappointing but that’s how it goes. One cottage out with two back in and one cleaner up to do what is required. I took the opportunity to spend a little time in the cottages doing a leaflet and equipment check. It never ceases to amaze me why guests cut things on the place mats when I provide a chopping board. Looking around a number of place mats will need to be replaced but with a less than brilliant summer lampshades have fared well as there have not been the flies around to mark them. Apparently this could be the fifth wettest summer since 1948. (1968 was bad but I was too young to remember that). Washed some more new linen, almost there with the double bedding! First guests arrived about 3pm and second one about 5pm. A bit of a cooler evening. Chris down to the Bakewell Photographic Society evening so I did some accounts as we are nearing the end of the financial quarter. Sat down for a quick cuppa when Chris got back before going to bed.