Monday 21 January Busy day and more grumbles

Supposed to be one of the gloomiest days of the year. A busy day with three cottages out and four back in. Gripe for today is guest spilling things on carpets and not telling us. Typically it was in the last cottage to be cleaned and not noticeable at first. They had tried to clean it up but if they had told us we could have taken our carpet cleaner or the steam cleaner and had a go at it sooner. The trouble is that the carpet most probably is now permanently stained. Cleaning was finished in time. Three sets of guests arrived together just after three with the final guests arriving about 4.30. Had an early tea as Chris was going to the photographic society meeting. Laundry collected about 6.30 pm. The phones and emails were a bit quieter this evening so started filing last years paperwork to make way for this years paper work! Sat down about 10pm.