Monday 20 October

Plenty to do today with one B&B out and back in and and cottage out and back in. A wet start but it soon brightened up. One cleaner up this morning as well as the handyman. Day went in usual way for a Monday and I washed another set of new linen – nearly there! Cottage guests arrived not long after 3pm – they have been here before. The B&B guests cancelled at 5pm so it was too late to relet the room through the tourist office. The lady was quite annoyed when I told her I could charge her. Not many people realise we can charge up to the full amount for no shows or cancellations. Travel Insurance is there to cover for last minute emergencies it is not for the owner to stand the loss. If guests don’t have insurance then they will have to stand the loss. I haven’t charged her though but obviously I was annoyed too. After a roast dinner Chris went to the Bakewell Photographic Society while I did some filing and paperwork. Finished about 9.30 and had a bath as I was feeling tired.