Monday 20 August

No blog yesterday as visiting friends and Chris’s parents in York. Got back about 10.30 pm and then spent an hour answering emails and making a note of telephone messages. Got a short break booking for a cottage from a couple in Sweden.

Both B&B couples left today and with no-one coming back in we have an empty night -our first since 30 June! I must make the most of it as the next isn’t for another six weeks and I expect that to be booked by then! So after walking the dogs Monday morning went the usual way, laundry, rubbish and washing. One cottage came in today and after they arrived I tackled another of my outstanding jobs. I recovered two dining chairs so I can put them in at the next change over They have only been sitting here for a year waiting to be done.

We had a couple of bookings and unfortunately one cancellation, but as that is some time away I should be able to re let it. Also we are starting to get enquiries about Christmas. We have found that we get a rush of enquiries after Christmas, some of which will turn into bookings, then another round of enquiries at Easter then from mid August onwards. The same is true for New Year bookings. We already have a number of bookings for Christmas and New Year. A number of brochure requests too today as the new WI magazine is out. An evening of emails and phonecalls with the Bank Holiday Weekend looming and good weather forecast. Good weather for a Bank Holiday Weekend? Now that would be unusual.