Monday 2 June

First Monday with no cottages in or out! Today both B&Bs out and back in. One cleaner in and both rooms done. A brighter warmer day and as usual a lot of guests visited Bakewell Market. Had a chance for a quick foray there myself (I have a visit planned for this month) as my hay fever was bad and I had run out of my usual pills. So after lunch dashed down town to get some pills and some B&B bits and had a quick zip around the market (bought a packable hat for my cruise) to get back before my B&B guests arrived. When I got back the first guests had already arrived and the second guests arrived a bit later. Checked on my greenhouse plants and plan to put some hanging baskets out later in the week. After dinner sat down and watched Warship. Did not blog as was feeling very tired. Decided it was the combination of the constant sneezing and the hay fever tablet had knocked me for six.