Monday 2 February The snow arrives

Woke up and a light covering of snow at Bolehill but nothing to cause any problems but scheduled cleaner wary of snow so Chris and I cleaned the cottage needed for this afternoon. Went down to Bakewell to the market but unfortunately only a few stalls there. Took the dogs so they had a walk around an unusually quiet Bakewell. Got a few supplies in case can’t get down for a few days. Called into Andrews on the way back to place an order for a snow plough in the morning as we have a cottage in and out tomorrow too. Back for lunchtime weather forecast which indicated that we may not get as bad a snowfall as first predicted. Dustmen came but laundry didn’t (more snow their way) but we cancelled oil delivery to be safe (last thing we need is an oil tanker going through a wall). Postman was last person to make it up and down drive just after 2.30 before snow started. Chris had to pull three cars up the drive – including our new guests. Luckily they all turned up in quick succession but it still took the best part of an hour to sort everyone out. Although the snow was not heavy the wind was blowing it around so in some places it looked very deep and in others there was none at all. Evening went in cooking, phoning a friend and tidying up paperwork and making a list for tomorrow. Number 1 – find sledges!