Monday 19 November A mixed day

Rushed to the window as soon as the alarm went off. It was quite foggy so couldn’t see far but enough to see that the path was clear. Felt a little relieved but until I could gauge the state of the drive I would not be happy. Had breakfast and out with the dogs. Still a covering of snow i th fields but the drive was slushy – was worried the drive would be icy. This would not be good for a day with two cottages out and three back in as well as laundry and rubbish collections. Two cleaners up today with plenty to do. Going round was a bit more time consuming as I wore a old pair of shoes so my normal shoes did not get wet but taking them off and putting them back on again was time consuming.

All finished before the first guests arrived by which time the fog had lifted and we could see the hills in the distance and where there was still snow, reports indicated snow was worst to the west but during the day most snow here did melt. All guests in between 3-4 pm so time to breathe and plan the next few days. Chris went to the Bakewell Photographic Society in the evening and I caught up with emails, bills and paperwork. Sat down about 9.30.