Monday 18th June a good day

First thing this morning I showed a couple around our vacated B&B room which they decided to book. They had phoned on Saturday when I was unable to help but as I had suggested where to try (and they found somewhere) they decided to try me first today to see if I could help for a few more nights. After the usual Monday tasks and lunch I went to Bakewell Market – well the street market. There is a livestock sale on Mondays at the Agricultural Center and I still haven’t been to see one yet. Today there was also a property auction which I was tempted to go to out of curiosity. I had brought Smudge along too so we had a nice stroll around the market. His favourite shop is the Country Life Book shop where they have a very good selection of cards for all occasions and people. They are very dog friendly so if we are walking past Smudge always tries to go in – as he knows they will give him a treat.