Monday 17 September

An autumnal chill in the air. A turn around of one B&B room ready for guests arriving today. Usual Monday tasks, laundry, rubbish. Had done some extra washing but somehow one lot got soiled again, think one of the dogs may have thought it was possibly their bedding and pawed at it. My fault for leaving it in the basket on the floor. So it had to be redone. Got the ironing up to date.

Decided to go to Bakewell Market. Looking at my bookings it was most probably the only chance for a little while to go on a Monday. It was not as busy as I thought it would be and I had a wander and bought some bits for the business as well as usual bits. It had been dry but had clouded up but suddenly the heavens opened. I got a little wet and came back home. When I got back Andrew was up with one of his tractors moving the fallen tree. We could see the full extent of the damage, the wall, and the other trees it had also knocked down. Will need to find a dry day to carve the tree up in pieces. The b&b guests arrived later in the afternoon.

Chris went to the Bakewell Photography club for the first time. I just caught up with bits.