Monday 17 November 2008 A mixed day.

After yesterday it was a bit dull and drizzly. One cottage out and one back in. One cleaner up. After lunch popped down to Bakewell. Surprised at how quiet it was for a Monday but at least I had a chance to go around the market. Got back in time to welcome new guest then did a few catch up jobs before dinner. We then went to Buxton as we had tickets for the English National Touring Opera performance of Carmen. It was different but enjoyable, no lavish sets or costumes but perhaps not to everyones liking and also shorter than the classic performance. For once the Opera House was not full. When we got back there was a message from Sandra in Ashford who was experiencing problems with her new boiler. We went down and Chris being the knight in shining armour worked out was the problem was although he could not fix it.