Monday 15 December

So much to do in the next few days. Up and took dogs out for their walk. Sheep arrived this morning so were settling in their temporary home for the next few months. Three cottages out but no-one back in so for Chris and the handyman a chance to do some work in the cottages before Xmas. I will have at least one cleaner up every day this week. A chance for us to give the cottages a good ‘fettle’ and numerous other jobs. Today most of the dishwashers had an internal clean with with a dishwasher cleaner. One cleaner up today to do one cottage. I also cleaned carpets in two cottages and after lunch went down to Bakewell. Had hoped to get to the market but it had started to close by the time I got there as I was later than planned. After dinner a combination of paper work and sitting down to write Xmas cards.