Monday 14 July Warnemunde Germany.

Warnemunde is a seaside resort in the old East German sector of Germany. It is about 6 miles from Rostock and about 3 hours by coach to Berlin. An early arrival and customs clearance meant that guests heading for berlin were setting off about 7am. We had an early breakfast in order to take the organized excursion to Rostock. This involved a cruise down the Warnow river from just beside the Ruby which took an hour and included tea and cake. Not an exciting cruise bearing in mind the landscape is mainly industrial but different. On arrival at Rostock we were taken around by Peter, who was born in Hamburg, lived in Denmark but has chosen to live in Rostock. He was very good with a different outlook on a unified Germany and the consequences. Rostock is a University town but was bombed during the war because it had a Heinkel factory there. They have started restoring the buildings and architecture has been designed to blend in with the old Hanseatic style (wedding cake he calls it) type of buildings. The most interesting aspect was a visit to a former STASI prison where we learnt about life for its inmates. If arrested and brought to one of these places the prisoners had to send a postcard home saying they had escaped to the west so their families would not worry about them! At the end we came back by bus in time for lunch on the Lido deck. We then walked into Warnemude itself which was very nice. It has a long stretch of blue flag beach (part of which is for nudists) and I decided we had to have a paddle in the sea! It was a warm afternoon, about 23 deg C, although 29 deg C had initially been forecast so a BBQ on deck had been planned for the evening. After that we went to see the film The Bucket List, with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman and I would recommend it. Had our late night Horlicks and noticed how we had lost our very late light evenings.