Monday 13 October

A busy Monday with one cottage out and three back in. One has been before so we have four cottages this week with returning guests. Two cleaners up today with a B&B from yesterday to do as well. One cottage was a little untidy so it took a little longer to do. Started dull but brightened up later and dry enough to put washing out again. Washed another load of new linen. Chatted to some of the guests during the day as they came and went. First two cottages arrived between 3 & 3.30 and the final one just after 4.30. A few odd jobs fitted in between arrivals. An update on cows. They are slowly being repatriated to the farm as their date of confinement approaches. Soon we will only have the youngsters left. The milk cows on the farm side of the road are staying in for the night but with continuing good weather it will be interesting to see if they are still out after November 5th, which was the last day they were out last year. Andrew is also delighted that they have had nine heifer calves on the trot. Chris had to go down on Saturday to help roll a cow. If a calf is in the wrong position before calving they have to turn the cow to get it in the right position as it is easier than trying to turn the calf, hence rolling the cow. Next time I will go down and take pictures but this time Chris had to go down at 3pm which was not convenient for me. After dinner sat down to watch the recorded episode of Heroes.