Monday 13 August A polite notice

For the first time last Thursday we had a blocked drain. Chris got out the rods and the offending item was a plastic bag of sanitary rubbish that had been flushed down a toilet. This had caused waste to back up so toilets could not flush away. We do have notices in all bathrooms asking guests not to flush items down the toilet. We are not on mains drainage and our soak away pipes are narrow. Today Chris had to get the rods out again as water still seemed to be backing up. Hopefully he has now fully cleared the problem but we will have to wait and see.

Other than that a quiet day. Wit no-one due in or out I had hoped to catch up with outstanding jobs outside but I only managed to get about half an hour of gardening bits done what with having to help with the drains. It hadn’t helped that Chris had also hurt his foot and was having trouble putting weight on it. Still it was better than nothing. Only other matter to report is that I found a bat in the laundry room in the evening. It was hanging from the wall and we had to use a fishing net to remove it.