Monday 11 August

A quieter day but plenty done. After breakfast took dogs for walk. Breezy but dry and mild. A mixed week of weather is forecast. Handyman up today to carry on from where I left off with the weeding (said I hadn’t done a good job!) and also look at a couple of suspect roof tiles. After usual Monday tasks had early lunch as Chris wanted to collect and oven and hob from a local wholesale outlet as well as get some prices for some stoneware and look at some electrical items. I started work on next years prices, a little earlier than usual but we have already started getting enquiries for next year. The ‘big boys’ as we called them, eg English Country Cottages, have already fixed their prices for next year. I have a couple of web sites I check for school term dates and produced my ‘first cut’ with dates. Most of the afternoon went in research and dealing with phone calls and emails. I have had a couple of cancellations in the last few days but luckily have managed to relet them. During my research I came across a blog of another cottage owner which I enjoyed reading. I also noticed he ‘named and shamed’ a guest who had smoked in their non smoking cottage. It was nice to see Britain winning a gold medal for swimming. She is one of many competitors from the East Midlands who has done or is doing well. After dinner we had a visit from a guy who has set up a business producing videos for accommodation businesses like us. We have considered the 360 degree views but sometimes they distort features and we think a video would work better so watch this space. Sat down for 9pm and watched New Tricks followed by Britain from Above (the BBC2 part from yesterday).