Monday 1 September Todays diary

One of my guests had once commented on how much work there is to do so here is today’s diary.

7.30 up and ablutions

8.00 down to kitchen. have our own breakfast. Empty first load washing from machine. Prepare and cook and serve breakfast for guests.

9.00 Take dogs for walk. Tidy up after breakfast, load dishwasher etc. Man comes and fixes new washing machine. Put next load washing on. Deal with departing B&B guests. Chat to some of cottage guests.

10.00 Check bedrooms, remove towels for washing. Put dry laundry from yesterday away. Tumble dry and hang up today’s washing. Put back bits in laundry room now machine fixed.

11.00 Check emails, put out post for collection today. Put out rubbish for collection today.
Have coffee. Iron bedding for today. Put dirty cups etc from B&B in dishwasher.

12.00 Chat to cleaner when she arrives, discuss any issues or problems from weekend. Deal with emails/phone calls – these increase between 12 & 2pm. Prepare Laundry for collection.

1.00 make and have lunch, interrupted 4 times, 2 were phone calls, once to bring washing in when a shower passes over, and once when postman arrives. Tidy up from lunch. Put on dishwasher.

2.00 have a cup of tea with cleaner before she goes. check rooms ready for guests. laundry collected. A string of phone calls and one resulted in a booking. Bit of tidying up. Put washing out again but brought in again and decided to leave in as rain looked set in for rest of afternoon.

3.00 Both sets of B&B guests arrive a few minutes apart. Chris had gone out to get some bits so saw all guests in and made one set a pot of tea. Deal with emails and today’s paper work so far from bookings, brochure requests etc. Chatted to some cottage guests coming back.

4.00 made a pot of tea for us. Chris dropped handyman back in town and picked up some bits from the builders merchants. chased my linen order only to discover the courier has gone into liquidation, linen should arrive in the next few days.

5.00 Did our next Viking order with Chris, who also had to empty a u bend to retrieve an earring

6.00 cooked and ate tea and tidied up including emptying dishwasher. Put home made yoghurt in fridge.

7.00 fed dogs and after Chris had gone to the Bakewell Photographic Society meeting went to put chickens away with the dogs so they could have a little walk. Panicked as could only find duck in shed so went to check they were not in the fields. This is the worst time of year for foxes getting chickens. Couldn’t find them so went back to shed and found they were hiding in the rafters!

8.00 after finding paying in book finished August accounts which took longer than I thought. A couple of phone calls and emails dealt with and post prepared for tomorrow.

10.00 finished accounts. wrote shopping list for tomorrow and made a pot of tea.

10.30 Turned of office light. loaded up washing machine with overnight wash. Seeped porridge overnight for breakfast. Chris came back, and after putting a loaf of bread on in the bread maker took the dogs out for their final walk before we retired to bed.