Monday 1 October A new quarter and lots to do

Up and out with the dogs after breakfast. Had three cottages and and one B&B to turn around although no -one booked in for B&B. One cleaner came in the morning and did two cottages (I did the beds) and then another cleaner came after lunch and did the remaining cottage and B&B. Again I helped with the beds. Laundry collected and cottages ready for guests arrival. One cottage phoned to say that they would not be able to arrive until tomorrow as their daughter had been hospitalised. Our other guests, one of which came earlier this summer, arrived between 3 & 4 pm.

Had tickets for Nabucco at the Buxton Opera House in the evening, our B&B guests also managed to get some. Had planned to eat before we went but decided to eat in Buxton. Found a Mexican place just behind the Opera House. Had a good meal. The performance was very good – it was by the Chisinau Opera Company and if you had watched Michael Palin last night then he visited Chisinau. This is not the first time we have seen Nabucco. Last time it was in Verona on a very warm moonlit night at arena. The Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves (which is the song most people would recognise) was well performed but I have to admit I still preferred the version I heard in Verona but I guess the seting and atmosphere would have had something to do with that.

Got back to nine messages and eight emails. Plenty to do tomorrow.