Longnor walk and clocks Sunday 29 March

A nice bright start with the sun melting any remnants of snow away from Peak District Cottages. Snow was not the only white in the fields, we were surprised to find some sheep mooching around. Weren’t sure if they belonged to Green Cowden or another farm so made some phone calls to let local farms know there were some stray sheep. Two cottages out this morning. Chris went round and changed clocks in the cottages for heating and water. Did most of the ones in the house but know will find some more over the next few days. It seemed a shame to waste a good day despite having plenty to do with the end of the quarter approaching. I picked a walk we had not done for a couple of years, a walk of just under four miles from Longnor to Crowdecote and back. The route out was along the infant River Manifold before climbing a ridge that separates the River Dove from the River Manifold. We stopped for lunch in the lee of the ridge before making our way down to Crowdecote then back to Longnor along the infant River Dove. For a lot of the way back we had views of my favourite hills, Parkhouse and Chrome, and Chris took a number of pictures so I will add some of them in the next day or so. Stopped for a cup of tea at the Craft Center in Longnor before getting back. One cottage departed this evening. Did a number of things around the house including re organising furniture and pictures in the lounge and dealt with the emails and phone calls from when we were out. After dinner sat down for Yellowstone but did have a phone call half way through.