Geiranger Fjord – Norway

Hello again. We have had beautiful weather so far. Got a bit of a tan. Have been trying to find right balance of spending time with dad and doing our own bits.

Full house for dinner tonight after which we had a wander around on deck. We were too late for the quiz again but thought we would pop into the bar for a last minute drink on the way to which we found dad so the three of us had a drink. I also had my first nights decent sleep!
Friday morning and awoke at 7am to dramatic scenery. Geiranger Fjord. The captain had advised us to be on deck at 8am (are we on holiday or what?) to see the scenery as we sailed into Geiranger. So there we all were snapping away at the waterfalls. Geiranger welcomed us with a traditional cannon salute welcome. Today we had to moor offshore and use the tenders which just made disembarking a little slower. We were on our first tour which took us to a number of viewpoints (wonderful photo opportunities) and by now although still cool in the mountains the sun was shining. Also we went to the Fjord center where we had one of those panoramic films and a wander around the exhibition. Back to the village itself we decided to wander around town rather that go back for lunch. Geiranger itself is small, only about 300 people but 4000 tourists, so we looked at the shops and bought some presents for home as we did not know where else we might be able to shop.

Back on board it was the chocolate afternoon tea! I took some pictures before it got too busy. I have to admit I have been quite good. Bearing in mind we had no lunch I had a sandwich and fruit as well as indulging in some chocolate cakes! We sat with dad for a while and then went to get ready for the ‘newcomers’ cocktail party. This was before dinner and as with the last few nights I had fish for starter and main course. Again we were too late for the quiz but sneaked in to catch the end of the evening show which was a multi talented musician.

Saturday was Olden. Beautiful rather than dramatic. Another small port of call with Olden again having only about 300 inhabitants. Today was our glacier walk. A short drive from Olden along a beautiful valley to the Briksdal glacier. We had a 45 minute walk to the foot of the glacier. Janet is not used to so much walking and I had thought it was a short walk to the glacier with an optional 45 min walk from there but she did well keeping up with me. (we could walk at our own pace as there is only one path to it). The Captain was also doing the walk. We had assumed it would be quite cool and I had packed taken my fleece and jacket but I did not need to wear them so tied them around my waist. We also had tea and cakes waiting for us at the end. When we got back to the village we decided to walk around the village first rather than walk back to the ship but that did not take long.
When we got back to the ship we found we had missed lunch but had some nibbles in our cabin we had bought yesterday. We changed into some thing lighter and found a table on the lido deck. We found dad and we spent the afternoon chatting, nibbling and watching the scenery. Had to apply sun tan lotion. Had a departure cocktail. Temperature was about 24 degrees. Then sister and I went for a swim before dinner in the small indoor pool which used sea water but was nice and warm!
For once did not have fish! Managed to get to the quiz where we imposed ourselves on a team of four to make team of six. Came second. Went to the show which was the on board singing/dance group. Went to look at the late night snack which is bout 10.45 but as soon as saw the outside everyone one rushed out with their cameras. What a sunset! The sky was a wonderful mixture of colours – pink, orange blue. We grabbed ourselves a drink (hot chocolate for sister and Horlicks for me!) and sat on deck for an hour admiring the sunset. This was the best day so far.