Friday 8 August

8 is a lucky number in the Orient so it is befitting that the opening of the Olympics in Beijing was on 8/8/08! A quiet day with one B&B out and one back in. One cleaner up to turn room round and do the public areas. The B&B guests arrived early (by arrangement) to drop off some bags in between a wedding and the reception. We’ll see them next at breakfast tomorrow. Went down to Bakewell late morning for usual bits. Also checked on the road closure that has been in effect for the last couple of weeks. King Street, beside the Rutland Arms, also known as the B5055 has been closed whilst repairs to chimneys have been carried out. There were reports that the situation was worse than feared (bits of masonry falling off) and I saw that the road was to remain closed for another three week (should have reopened today). This has meant an inconvenient detour at a busy time but so be it. Phoned all the guests who are due in tomorrow to advise them of the situation. Otherwise nothing else to report.