Friday 7 December a dark end to a black week

Plenty to do today with two cottages out and two back in with a B&B in too. Cleaning was done with no problem and my business man left for the last time. Luckily someone else where he is working is looking for similar accommodation so I have a replacement. This also sets me up for a record as it will mean that in 2007 we will not have had a night with nobody in. We usually have a few nights a year with no-one in. In the morning Chris and the handyman finished the fencing. It was cold but dry with a biting wind. I planted a further 90 bulbs. Not many left to plant now.

Our two cottage guests have both been here before. The first cottage arrived just before three pm. For a while the lights kept on flickering on and off and just after Chris took the handyman back to Bakewell at 4pm the lights went out completely. Used the mobile to phone electricity board ‘who were aware of problem in the area’ but were unable to give an idea of time it would be out. When Chris came back we put our ‘power cut emergency plan’ into action. This is only the second time we have had to use it but we issued torches, Tilly Lamps, candles in jars and matches to the three cottages who were here. When the next cottage arrived about five pm they received the same kit too. In the meantime Chris went back to Bakewell to get some extra kits. When we first made up the kits we did not do B&B so we decided we ought to make up some more sets. At about 5.30 the lights came back on. Phew! I was just about to phone the B&B guests to advise them of the situation. Had tea then Joanna came to pick me up as we were going to be the Over Haddon reps at the group WI Carol Service at Great Longstone. It was a nice service but only about two dozen were there. They had also had the power cut in the afternoon and were worried they would have to cancel. When I got back at about 9pm the B&B guests had still not arrived and they arrived about 9.30.