Friday 6 February

A lovely winters day today. Still very cold but sunny and clear. Two cottages out including my guests who have been in for a month. Two cottages due back in but with weather conditions awful in some parts of the country one cancelled. Two cleaners up and two cottages cleaned. Popped down to Bakewell to get a few bits and then some bits and pieces around the vacant cottages. Chris spent a couple of hours shovelling any snow of the drive and salting it as well as clearing some paths through the snow in the courtyard to make access to the cottages easier but it is still not possible to drive cars up into the courtyard. Guests arrived about 8.30. Must take some more pictures around our peak district cottages tomorrow before the snow goes. Slight melt today on roofs where sun reached but think the snow mounds beside the drive could be here for weeks! Sat down for 9pm.