Friday 5 September The Weather

Up for an early breakfast so guests could depart for a business meeting. Both rooms out today with both rooms back in later in the afternoon. Two cottages out today, one planned and the other left a day early due to the weather. Two cleaners up, one for the B&B rooms and public areas and one for the cottages. After guests departed did usual chores and some more ironing. After lunch went down to Bakewell which I thought was empty for a Friday afternoon. New guests arrived about 5pm. They have been here before both in the cottages and B&B. After dinner got bits ready for tomorrow before sitting down at 9pm. By this time we had had an inch of rain today. This reminded me I had not written down Augusts weather stats. The warmest day as the 29th with that night being the warmest. The highest temperature was 21.3 on the 6th. The coldest day was the 22nd, although I don’t recall it being that cold. the lowest temperature was 8.7 on 13/8 am. The coldest night was 12/8. The wettest day was the 17th with .78 in rain. Overall we had 4.28 in rain compared to 1.29 last August. As a PS Andrew mentioned we could be in for a warm September as the swallows have hatched another brood. The swallows kept our dogs busy today when I let them out!