Friday 4 July

Up and both sets of B&B guests left after breakfast. Time to pack my case and last bits of washing. one cleaner up to do both rooms and public areas. She bought me a puzzle book and told me to do one each time I think of Bolehill. Will probably complete the book then! After lunch Chris took me to Macclesfield where I caught the train down to Watford to stay the night with my sister. A rriving late afternoon I walked round to her place (case has wheels) to save her coming to fetch me in the car. A busy evening with both her daughters and their friends there. We went out for a meal with her boyfriend to Brickett Wood where we had a nice meal at the Beefeater there. Got back about 11pm for one of the daughters to declare she did not have all the stuff she needed for her Duke of Edinburgh trip this weekend. Luckily her boyfriend had not been drinking so at midnight we found ourselves at Asda. A new experience for me! By the time we got back and put a mattress down on floor it was 1pm before I got to bed.