Friday 31 January Farmers Market & Ashbourne

A bright but cold day with eyes on the weather forecast! Chris took dogs for walk so I could do laundry before going to Farmers Market and walking into Bakewell to do banking now that NatWest is open on Saturday. One cleaner up today and one cottage in. Back for coffee and after lunch loaded up a dead fridge to take to recycling facility at Ashbourne. Knowing that our guests wouldn’t be arriving until the evening meant we could go out for a couple of hours. Had turned hazy by now as we had contemplated a walk now that the evenings are getting lighter. Down at Ashbourne we went to the new Homebase and also Halfords before walking around the town and stopping for a coffee at the Gallery Cafe ( a winner of the Derbyshire Cafe of the Year. Back home and guests arrived after dinner about 7.30. They have been here a number of times both in cottages and B&B. Dealt with emails and made a list of things to do tomorrow before sitting down at 8.30.