Friday 31 August this months weather statistics.

It is about to be officially declared as the wettest summer since 1914 but here are the stats for August from Bolehill. Warmest day with high of 24.7 deg was Sunday 5th August – our first BBQ this year. Wettest with 0.57 inches of rain was 14th and coldest was 16th. Total rainfall was 1.29 inches.

So B&B guests departed and guests arriving in both rooms tonight – one of which has been here a few times before. A cleaner came up to do the public rooms and bedrooms and while I was doing the ironing Chris invited Andrew, Joanna and Ian in for coffee. They were up here fly spraying the cows. Also a few went back over the road as their confinement time approaches but in return a bunch of hooligans were brought over into the four acre field. They have been told (not sure if they were listening) that they are not to jump over the wall and we have ASBOs at the ready! I spent a little time in the ‘junk room’ and found the address of someone I used to work with who has moved not to far from here. I have been looking for it since Christmas so now I can make contact with her. (The junk room is the spare bedroom where we have all the belongigs we havent got a home for yet).

Two cottages left today although booked in until tomorrow – although at least the weather was not to blame. One of the fridges needed defrosting so I did that in the evening which meat one less thing to do on Saturday. The guests arrived at the times they expected so I was able to catch up with some accounts at last!