Friday 30 November weather stats for November

A quieter weekend ahead with two cottages and one B&B in with only my business man out today. Next week will be his last week. One cleaner up to turn around a couple of cottages – we have some friends to stay this weekend too – and do the public areas. During the week I share the work load amongst the two cleaners and am down to just one coming up at the weekend. After breakfast took the dogs out for their constitution before getting down to work. I spent some time in the cottages this morning and they were ready by lunchtime. Chris and the handyman have been dry lining in one of the cottages. Friends arrived just after lunch and after a cup of tea went down to Bakewell. Chris took the handyman down to Bakewell and joined them there leaving me to see in the guests, who all arrived within minutes of each other. I did a roast for tea and we had a nice evening in.

So 2.41 in rain was recorded in November with the 18th being the wettest with 0.7 in rain. The warmest day being the 2nd at 14.2 and the coldest night being 23rd at -1.7.