Friday 30 May a strange day.

A day of outs but not ins. Five cottages out today with no one back in so a chance to get some cleaning done ahead of tomorrow. Two cleaners up today and no problems encountered. With no one due back in I had the opportunity to do some odd jobs as well as some final checking and defrosting a fridge and so the afternoon went. After dinner caught up with some paper work as well as some surfing. Sometimes they say its best not to know. Having discovered the web sites of most of the ports that our cruise visits I have been able to find out what other cruise ships are in when we are. We will be in Tallin with the Oriana, but in Copenhagen there are four other cruise ships in, three of which have more than 2000 passengers! Sat down about 9.30 and watched the recorded episode of Mountain from a few nights ago which we missed the first time around. This episode concentrated on the Pennines and some of it featured the Peak District.