Friday 3 August

Another sunny day! Goodbye to a B&B couple and a cottage with new B&B guests in the evening. The new cottage guests arrive tomorrow but it meant it could be cleaned today and I defrosted the freezer compartment. I have a lot of those to do over the next few weeks. Also, as I put the shower curtain and oven gloves in the wash, I wonder if guests realise how much goes into each changeover. Chris and the handyman spent most of the day sanding and painting external woodwork of the office and some public areas.

After lunch I went to Bakewell. I could tell it was busy by how far back in the car park I had to park! There had been an accident in the Co-op car park where it looked as if a reversing car had knocked over a pedestrian. It was causing traffic to back up but the police was soon there to get things sorted. (Paramedics were already on the scene).

Back home the guests arrived about 6pm and I sat down about 8.30pm having made all my lists for tomorrow and made sure s much was ready as possible. I have some towels to provide tomorrow too. Forecast looks good too.