Friday 29th June an ASBO for 331

First phone call of the day was to inform us that a cow had jumped over the cattle grid (they do that you know) and was in the road. Chris got the binoculars and could see 331 happily munching on the grass verge. Definitely a case of the grass is greener! I phoned Andrew but he was already on his way.

Weather wise it turned out quite pleasant but a number of guests did depart today as the weather had got to them. We had two sets of B&B guests arriving today. One were a part of a larger group and were the only ones who had travelled in the end as everyone else was supposed to be going camping. A couple of summers ago when we had a bad patch of weather we had some campers turn up looking for somewhere dry and I imagine this weather has affected the bookings at campsites around here. I also found out when I went to Bakewell that a lot of B&B’s had had cancellations for the weekend so I was lucky that both mine appeared.

One of my other B&B guests was here to trap and identify moths so we helped him set up the equipment (he lets them go afterwards) and I was looking forward to seeing the results the next morning.