Friday 28 September first big Friday changeover

We are in that between time. Some guests here for the week, some for the weekend, and some for short breaks. Three cottages out and three in plus the two B&B rooms. One cleaner, Fay and myself got most done in two cottages and a B&B room in two hours (I did bathrooms and kitchens)with me finishing off. We had quite a few calls for availability over the weekend. (Last one was at 10pm). After lunch I went to Bakewell, did the usual bits and posted a couple of mobile phone chargers back. (£4 in postage). Guests were expecting to arrive anytime from 4-8pm. First B&B guests arrived just before 4pm. They have been here before and although British by birth he is now a US citizen and travel writer. The cottages arrived between 5 & 7 pm. The final B&B guest turned up just before 10pm. They had not had a good journey, but he had to be up early as he was involved in the Chatsworth rally. She was going to have breakfast later. So it looked like a long breakfast session in the morning.