Friday 28 November

A beautiful cold and frosty start to the day. Wish all winter days were like this. Three cottages out with four back in of which three have been here before. Two cleaners up today and no major problems encountered although this week we have had a broken lampshade, a broken toilet roll holder and a damaged rug to sort out. Found time for a few more odd jobs. Looked like the last of the cows on this side of the road were being moved again early this afternoon and I assumed they would be taken back home with cold weather setting in but before I could see where they were going the fog descended. I understand they may be back in our fields as one of the guests said one was on the drive – unless one escaped! First guests arrived just after 3pm and the last ones at 8pm. In the meantime made sure all bookings etc were up to date, fully booked for the New Year with one cottage left for Xmas. Sat down for 9pm and watched the programme The Barristers.