Friday 27 July worries in Bakewell

For once the sun shone! Two cottages went today – one planned, the other a day early. Also B&B guests went so plenty to do this morning although no guests in today. Still haven’t finished unpacking so did a bit more and also some preparation for tomorrow. Went to Bakewell in the afternoon and it is noticeably more busy now that the holidays are under way. Bad news though is that Bakewell’s only electrical retail shop closes tomorrow. We have bought a couple of fridges and a dishwasher from them since being here. There is a big notice in the window highlighting their reasons which includes the changing nature of Bakewell itself, which is a topic for discussion in its own rights. The Peak District has 22 million day visitors a year which causes it own problems. The fact that two long established businesses in Bakewell have closed in the last year is more worrying.

After dinner decided to finish early for the day. Chris had put together an edited version of the Norway photos I took so we had a look at those. I also phoned a couple of guests. One who I knew lived near where the worst of the flooding was – luckily they are OK. Another guest, not in the best of heath, had travelled back on the M5 on the Saturday after the flooding and she was pleased to report a slow but problem free journey all the way back to Cornwall.

Also found the Captains blog of our Norway trip. Noticed he described the conditions more akin to the North Atlantic rather than the North Sea on that rough night. Must tell sister.