Friday 25 April The girls are back in town!

A busy day with four cottages out and three back in plus both B&B in as well. Two cleaners up today. Took dogs out and when got back spotted that the cows were being let out. Like children being let out into the playground some ran out and began gamboling, some were being more hesitant but soon they were all out and finding some grass to chomp on! For the next few days they will stay in after evening milking. Went down to Bakewell to get bits for the weekend. Cleaning finished with no problems encountered. As usual there is always other jobs to do and I got two fridges defrosted too. First cottage arrived about 3 pm. Two of the cottages were together and here for an 80th birthday. They arrived between 6&7 pm as did the first of the B&B guests. The two sets of B&B guests were also together. The second couple were arriving separately. The first at 9pm and the second not until nearer midnight as she was flying in from Hungary. I offered to wait up but they made their own arrangements.