Friday 24 August a lovely summers day

What a beautiful morning. No haze, very clear, a lovely morning to walk the dogs. Said goodbye to two cottages, including the gentleman who had been staying pending moving into his new home. He still does not have a date so is now staying in a hotel for a few weeks. He gave me a box of chocolates which I thought was very nice. We also said goodbye to one of our B&B couples. Only one cottage in today so it meant the others would be ready for tomorrow without the rush. I also used the carpet cleaner in one of the cottages whilst I had the time. The car park was empty for most of the day with guests making the most of the good weather.

The phone was very busy with people hoping for last minute availability. Chris and the handyman again spent most of the day splitting logs – but they have finished. I spent some time attending to my hanging baskets and doing some admin. Our cottage guests arrived between 5 & 6 pm. The local news on the BBC had an outside broadcast from nearby Tissington. I managed to it down before 9pm, even if it was only 10 minutes before 9pm!