Friday 23 November a busy day

Last busy weekend before Christmas – we are fully booked for this weekend (including those who are here for the week) so plenty to do today. Typical that on the day some leave we wake up to a beautiful morning, even if cold. Nice morning to take the dogs for a walk. Three cottages out this morning and with one cleaner down I did my usual bit of helping with beds. Six cottages back in today and four to clean. We managed it – just -finishing by 3pm. Chris & the handyman finished the cottage they were working in, did a couple of odd jobs in some others and spent most of the day tidying and clearing up in the gardens and around the courtyard. First guests, who were here this time last year, arrived about 3.30. We then had a long gap with the next guests here just after 6pm. By now I was starting to worry as to where the rest of my guests were! The next four all arrived between 7 & 8.30 so all present and correct! Now I can sit own for the evening!