Friday 23 January

It was snowing when we woke up but luckily it did not settle. One cottage out today but they decided to go for a walk from here after vacating the cottage but before setting off. After about half an hour I realised Blue was missing and decided he must have attached himself to the guests who had gone for a short walk. As I knew where they were going Chris drove round but could not spot guests or dog. So we waited until either showed up or we had a phone call. Eventually guests and dog returned. They had all enjoyed their walk unaware of our worries. It meant belatedly I could go down to Bakewell to go to the Bank and get bits for the weekend. One cleaner up early afternoon. Three cottages in today. First one arrived about 3.30 then a gap with next guests arriving about 5pm. I spent time in afternoon paying our bills and utility bills for dad. Final guests arrived about 6.30. Did some paperwork before sitting down for 9pm.