Friday 21 September

A busy morning with both B&B’s out plus one cottage and all back in again later. One of the B&Bs went before breakfast as they were catching a plane from E Midlands airport for a few days in Provence. I had two cleaners come up early and they managed to turn everything around by 11am. This left the rest of the day to myself. Another couple had decided to go home early in view of the weather forecast so I decided to spend a few hours in the cottages having a good look at things. From June to September sometimes I only get 15 minutes per cottage checking things between turn rounds. Towards the end of the season I start to have more time to look for wear and tear and we can revise our list of what needs to be done next and its priority. I was able to do a few bits and make a note of some things that would need doing. I was also able to do a few bits around the house so I actually felt as if I had achieved something. Our first B&B guests arrive just after five and the cottage guests about half an hour later. The last guests arrived about 9.30. They had had a bad journey and had stopped for something to eat and were relieved to get here. The forecast had not been encouraging and I had expected more to go home today but as it turned out it was not too bad.