Friday 21 December

Up to do breakfast. Another gray misty start so dogs out on leads and plenty to do. Two cleaners up and two cottages including the one that has just been retiled and the games room all done and any last minute sprucing up carried out. Ovens all lined, sweets, mince pies and bottles of wine all distributed. First guests arrived at 11.30, knowing they were early but they just wanted to see where we were. They were a part of a family group who all arrived before three but went for a walk first. So we were ready when the family group who had hired four cottages rang the bell at 3pm the same time as another cottage. So by 3.15 I had five cottages in and no-one else due to arrive until 9pm! This gave us a chance to tidy up inside and put up our Xmas cards and any final decorations. Had tea and dealt with a few bookings that I had this afternoon. Our B&B guests arrived just after 9pm as did our friends who have also hired a cottage for Xmas. We had a night cap (non alcoholic!) before retiring for the night.