Friday 2 November comings, goings and not comings.

Another sunny start and another day without breakfasts to do. Two cottages leaving today and three cottages and two B&B in. Sometimes, even in a few days, friendships can be made amongst guests and it was nice to see other guests saying farewell to departing guests. Two cleaners up today to clean three cottages so the work was completed without a problem. The handyman came today as well. Together with Chris they started doing some pruning but by the afternoon I found whole areas had been cleared. Their idea of pruning and mine are different so I find it better to stay away. They say a severe pruning can be good but I did object to losing one of my favorite shrubs. With a bit of time before guests arrived in the cottages I had a chance to carry out some regular routine tasks. The first set of guests arrived just after 3.30. They have been here before. The second arrived shortly afterwards. Both are here for three nights.

It was a few hours before the first of the B&B guests arrived so I did some bits indoors. The first couple have had family here who recommended us so that was nice. Had tea and did some accounts whilst waiting for the remaining guests. Watched the Tudors program and the second B&B guests arrived just before 10 pm. So that left me with one cottage couple to arrive. They had booked late last night and were going to pay on arrival, which was going to be later in the evening anyway. For B&B guests I usually take a credit card number but did not on this occasion. I had sent them a confirmation so technically they are liable for the rental. I shall phone them but luckily no-one else had tried to book the cottage.